Flaming Boogar

Soggy Paw

A new club ride in April to explore a northern route. (April 15th)

Bakery Ride

Soggy Paw will take cyclists north and northeast of Snohomish for some spring country riding. Check back later for additional details and a course route.

After the ride, we'll meet up in Snohomish for food and drinks.

Where: TBD
When: 9:00AM, April 15th, 2018
Numbers: TBD
Duration: 2-6 hours
Pace: TBD
Ride Goal: TBD
Post-Ride: TBD
Ride Leader: Per Sunde
Route: TBD

Club Ride Requirements
Bakery Ride is an RCC Club ride. If you're not an RCC Member, you can take part as a guest if you know an RCC Member and have filled out an RCC Ride Waiver. Guests are encouraged to join us on club rides! Riding with us is a great way to determine if you'd like to become a Redmond Cycling Club member. For more information about RCC membership, click here.