About the Redmond Cycling Club

A quick introduction to our cycling club

The Redmond Cycling Club, Inc. (RCC) is an enthusiastic group of individuals joined together by the shared pursuit of fun, camaraderie and inspiration through challenging cycling.

The mission of the Redmond Cycling Club is to create a passionate cycling community and provide cycling experiences for experienced cyclists. Although based in Redmond, WA, the club attracts riders from throughout Redmond, Seattle and nearby communities. RCC holds regular rides, cycling events and club meetings throughout the year and throughout Washington State. The Redmond Cycling Club is also steward of the Northwest's premier cycling event: Ride Around Mt. Rainier in One Day (RAMROD). RAMROD is a single-day event that celebrates the beauty of Mount Rainier National Park and features a challenging course of 150 miles and 10,000 ft of climbing.

Founded in 1978 during U.S. cycling's increasing popularity, the club began from a core group of friends who were riding regularly. Within a few years, RAMROD founder, John Dixon, brought the RAMROD cycling event to the Redmond Cycling Club for stewardship and the identity and core of the club was defined. The club has maintained its unique mission and community for over 30 years and looks to continue its contributions to Northwest Cycling for decades to come.

Today, the club has 400 members who meet, ride and volunteer together throughout the year. Many of the club's members have been riding together for 20 or 30 years. Club membership is open to men and women who enjoy riding with experienced cyclists, enjoy rides that challenge with distance and climbing, and enjoy rides that celebrate the beauty of Washington's environment from the Puget Sound shoreline, to it's incredible mountain passes. RCC members can take part in the club's regular rides throughout the year. The club also holds quarterly meetings that combine socializing with cycling-related presentations and discussion. Special events and a club picnic in August round out the club calendar each year. Consider attending an RCC club meeting or ride to see if the RCC community could enrich your cycling experience. You can join RCC today here.

Club Rides and Meetings
If you would like to know more about RCC, you can attend an RCC Ride as a guest or attend one of our meetings. Club members come together to socialize and talk cycling at RCC Club Meetings which are held three times throughout the year (typically March, June and December) at The Lake Forest Bar & Grill. Socializing starts at 5:30 PM with complementary beer & wine and presentations beginning around 7:00 PM.

Additional Information
For questions about the club, please send email to .
Our club mail address is: Redmond Cycling Club, P.O. Box 1841, Bothell, WA 98041-1841.
For RCC Member expenses, get the RCC Member Reimbursement Form.