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2022 RAMROD Jersey

Celebrate your RAMROD ride this year with our unique and special 2022 jersey! This year's jersey design portrays the serenity of the mountain in monochromatic ink with red accents.

To learn more about the jersey's design, click here.

For the remainder of the year, we will be fulfilling jersey requests out of our existing inventory. There will be limited supply. Get yours soon.

Click here to order your jersey.

For order questions, email:


RAMROD 2022 Rider Shirt

We have a number of Rider T-shirts from RAMROD 2022 available for purchase. Grab an extra shirt for yourself or give one to family or friends!

Limited stock in hand - When they're gone, they're gone!



RAMROD 2022 Poster

You asked for it and we're gonna make 'em! We've partnered with the company who prints the RAMROD Signature Poster displayed at the Start/Finish Line to create a one-time, limited production run of RAMROD 2022 Posters to adorn your office, garage or bike shed! Each poster will be printed on a quality poster stock and the final product will resemble the large poster.

Price: $30 (Tax and shipping included)
Dimensions: 24" x 36"