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RTS Jersey

A special limited-run jersey!

This year marks the 15th year Ride Directors Per and Shana have been leading the RAMROD Training Series!

To celebrate, we've designed an RTS jersey that incorporates the original RAMROD colorway, the RAMROD, RTS and RCC logos and a special tribute to Per and Shana on the back.

Order your jersey by January 24th and it will be ready on April 1st just before the first 2019 RTS ride!

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Women's Sizes

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2018 RAMROD Jersey

Our 2018 jersey is here!

This year's jersey celebrates a past volunteer's contributions to RAMROD, the artistry of a current RAMROD volunteer and our 35th anniversary.

Celebrate your RAMROD ride this year with a 2018 jersey!

To learn more about the jersey's design, click here.

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