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Course d'Equipe 2023

Ride with your two to four-person team in this challenging team road cycling event.
June 10th, 2023

The RCC Course d’Equipe is a fun and unique cycling event that invites teams of riders to work together on challenging courses set in Washington State. Above all, the spirit of Course d’Equipe is the experience of riding with a team and cycling on some of the most beautiful and challenging routes that Washington has to offer. You’ll ride through small communities and on a variety of surfaces. The course you follow is ultimately up to you but you will be required to make every checkpoint along the course. While you'll know the suggested course before event day, you’ll learn about the the checkpoints at the start line. You’ll register your team's progress using a smartphone to check in by snapping team photos at checkpoints along the route. Teams must work, eat, play and stay together throughout the entire event.

2023 Course: The Snohomish River Runner
Course d’Equipe 2022 will start and finish in the little river town of Snohomish, Washington. Over the next 8-12 hours as you navigate the course and discove checkpoints, you’ll explore the sights while navigating among five rivers, numerous towns and in the shadow of the Cascade foothills.

Teams & Team Composition
There will be room for a maximum of 40 teams each comprised of up to four bikes. A team may consist of up to 4 bikes in any combination of single or tandem bikes. Every team is required to have and register a team name so that the world will know how to speak of you and your achievement for years to come. If your team has only 2 or 3 cyclists, you can still form a team. If your team registered with 3 or 4 riders but one or two can no longer make the ride on event day, you can still ride Course d'Equipe with a minimum of two riders (or team up with another team to form a 2-4 rider group).

Riders Needing Teams & Teams Needing Riders
If you'd like to ride but need to join a team - or if you have room on your team for one or two riders, you can contact the ride Directors via mail at and they'll help you find a team or rider.

Entry Fee
There is no entry fee this year.

Course d'Equipe's route is defined roads and checkpoints that must be attained and often the best path might be the route that is provided. The route might involve a converted rail trail but perhaps the quickest route is for fit teams to take on a segment of rollers - ultimately it's up to you.

Post Ride Celebration
After you've completed the course, hang out with the other teams and friends to share stories and photos about your experience. We'll have food and drinks set up in the park. The Post Ride Celebration will be open from 4-7PM.

Team Awards
We're handing out awards for categories that inspire us about the course and teams that day. Course d'Equipe awards celebrate gifts from the Snohomish region that we're cycling through that day. Awards will be handed out for Quickest Team, Most Stylish, Most Experienced Team, Least Experienced Team and Team Underdog.

A Self Supported Ride
There will be no support staff or SAG vehicles out on the course. When it comes to eating, you'll need to make decisions. Should you fuel up while riding your bike or grab a bite in a town - it's totally up to you and your team! Like any good weekend ride, you'll be on your own with your teammates to solve any mechanical, nutrition or otherwise issues to complete the ride, stay safe and ultimately get back home.

Previous Events
View highlight videos from each of the three Course d'Equipe races from 2017-2019!

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About the Course Designer
The Course d'Equipe course designer is Ride Director Per Sunde who is local cycling ride leader with decades of experience designing and leading cycling routes. Per enjoys crafting routes that are challenging, interesting and make you go up a steep hill or two.

Club Ride Requirements
Course d'Equipe is an RCC Club ride. You must be an RCC Member to take part in Course d'Equipe. RCC Membership allows us to keep insurance costs at a minimum and lower the overall cost for the event. If you're not yet an RCC Member - it's easy to sign up today for the price of two tubes: click here to join RCC. The Ride Director will verify all riders at the course start.