The Edge

Go for big miles and big elevation on this challenging course (July 7, 2018)

The Edge

The Edge is a challenging ride with up to 100 miles and 10,000' of climbing. And when we say climbing, we're not talking about an easy-weekend-kind-of-climbing. The route master is going to take you to the edge and whip up a route that includes some of the nastiest hill climbs on the Eastside.

The course comes in four different sizes: 42, 50, 75 and 100 miles. The Edge is for experienced riders who are comfortable following cue sheets and riding independently. You can ride on your own or find riders in every pace category from 14 to 25+ mph pacing.

The Edge's mid-July date makes it an excellent ride to keep in shape and prep for the big rides like RAMROD, the High Pass Challenge and the Passport2Pain.

Weather - The decision to ride or cancel will be made from the starting location. If the ride is officially canceled, cue sheets will still be available for those who wish to ride in any conditions.

The routes will be available on RidewithGPS.com. Search for "EDGE" to find routes. Note: The routes will be posted one week before the ride.

We'll see you out on The Edge!

Where: Newport Hills Park & Ride
When: 7:30AM
Numbers: Four routes: 42, 50, 75 and 102 miles, 4,200', 6,000', 7,500' and 10,000'.
Duration: 4-10 hours depending on route and pace
Pace: Sub-groups ranging from 25+mph to 14mph
Ride Goal: Complete your route at your pace. No regrouping, no sweeps.
Ride Leaders: Per and Shana Sunde

The Edge 42
42 miles, 4,200'

The Edge 50
50 miles, 6,000'

View route and cue sheet at Ride With GPS

View route and cue sheet at Ride With GPS

The Edge 75
75 miles, 7,500'

The Edge 100
102 miles, 10,000'

View route and cue sheet at Ride With GPS

View route and cue sheet at Ride With GPS

Club Ride Requirements
The Edge is an RCC Club ride. If you're not an RCC Member, you can take part as a guest if you know an RCC Member and have filled out an RCC Ride Waiver. The ride leader will collect waiver signatures. Guests are encouraged to join us on club rides! Riding with us is a great way to determine if you'd like to become a Redmond Cycling Club member. For more information about RCC membership, click here.