Course Information

RAMROD is a challenging course featuring nearly 10,000 feet of climbing over 154 miles. Learn about the course route, elevation profile, rider support stops and time-cutoffs.


Course Description
RAMROD [Ride Around Mount Rainier in One Day] combines the incomparable scenery of Mount Rainier National Park with a challenging course featuring nearly 10,000 feet of climbing over 162 miles. The course starts in Enumclaw, WA (elevation 720 feet) with a gradual downhill to its lowest elevation (300 feet) near Orting. This is followed by 40 miles of rolling hills through the towns of Eatonville, Elbe, and Ashford, with a gradual climb and descent on Skate Creek road to Packwood. Riders head north to what is generally considered the most difficult section of the course: the 10-mile climb up Cayuse Pass (elevation 4,694) which starts at 90 miles into the ride. The rapid descent from the pass gives way to the final challenge: the 6-mile climb up to the alpine valley of Crystal. From there, it’s all downhill with about 36 miles to go. These last miles are gradually descending or rolling except for one final, fast descent down Mud Mountain Dam just 9 miles from the finish in Enumclaw. Join us for another great edition of RAMROD.


Rider Guide

Safety Supplement

Start and Finish Line
RAMROD 2022 begins and ends at the Thunder Mountain Middle School located at 42018 264th Ave SE, Enumclaw, WA 98022. Click here to view a map of the school's location. Before your ride, you can pick up your rider packet, drop-off a bag, or pick up a jersey. When you return, you can enjoy an ice cream bar, take a shower and talk with with riders and volunteeers.

You can pick up your Rider Packet at the Start Line the night before from 4pm to 9pm and the morning of the ride from 4am to 7am. (Note: you may also pick up packet and jersey at the Packet Pickup event the Sunday before RAMROD in Redmond.)

The ride officially begins at 5AM - please do not leave in the dark before 5AM and before the ride is supported. When you're ready to proceed to the Start Line, please visit the RFID Tag Test station to make sure your RFID Tag in installed properly.

Registered riders may drop off one small bag containing post-ride gear at the start line to be picked up and used after you finish RAMROD. The service is being provided for those cyclists who park remotely but wish to shower and clean up at the finish line.

1. You may drop off one small, sealed bag. The size and weight should be equivalent to a bag you would wear while riding or take to the gym.
2. Label the bag with your bib number and name.
3. Gear drop off will not be highly secure so do not include valuables. (e.g. don't place your cell phone in this bag).
4. Do not include anything fragile or breakable.
5. Do not include alcoholic beverages which are not allowed on school grounds.

Bags will be taken and returned to you with the help from volunteers. They will be stored indoors while you are on the course.

To view and download a map ofthe Start/FInish area at Thunder Mountain Middle School, click here.


Cyclist Parking and Drop Off Information
Thunder Mountain Middle School involves a very different parking situation than in typical years at Enumclaw High School. To help make the ride day go as smoothly as possible, it's important that all cyclists carefully study the Start/Finish Line Map and read these instructions on parking.

Parking at Thunder Mountain Middle Schools is very limited - most cyclists driving to Enumclaw will need to find parking on their own in Enumclaw and ride to the Start/Finish line. Please review the following parking notes to help with your planning on parking and arriving at the Start/Finish Line on event day:

1. Car pools with two or more cyclists will be allowed to park at the school on a first come first served basis. All others will need to park in town and ride in.
2. There will be space for rider dropoff/pickup at the school. Just as in airports, space is limited and you will not be allowed to wait. While it is possible, we do not recommend dropping cyclists off at the school.
3. The entrance to the school is along Hwy 169. The North driveway will be used for cyclists and cyclist vehicles while the South driveway is strictly limited to RAMROD operations.

If you are staying in town, consider leaving your vehicle at the hotel or residence and ride your bike to the start. You are a RAMROD rider, you won't be hurt by a mile or three warmup ride on a flat road.

The City of Enumclaw recommends parking in any of the following locations:
1. First St - Stevenson Ave to Washington Ave
2. Washington Ave - Railroad St to Garrett St
3. Cole St - Washington Ave to Battersby Ave
4. Harding St - Kibler Ave to McHugh Ave
5. Kibler Ave - Harding St to Porter St

While some of these areas are identified as "two hour" parking, we have been assured by City management and police officials that time limits will be waived for RAMROD. You will NOT have to worry about time limits in two hour parking zones in these areas.

You can also park at any of the parks in town, including MacFarland Park, Garrett Park or Martin Johnson Park.

For another parking option, the Masonic Lodge (42810 264th Ave SE, Enumclaw, WA 98022) has made their parking area available. This area is located just south of Thunder Mountain Middle School. Volunteers from the lodge will help direct the parking process and provide security for the cars while you are riding. They will open up their lodge so riders can use their restrooms in the early morning.

Map and Elevation Profile

  RAMROD Course Map
  RAMROD Elevation Profile

  To view a detailed course map and save a route file for your bike conputer, view the online GPS map here.