RAMROD 2023 was the 38th Edition of this classic Northwest cycling event. Here are highlights and jerseys from RAMROD over the years.

The inaugural RAMROD event was organized by John Dixon back in 1984 and had 45 finishers that first year. Since then, the event has grown into the premiere bicycle rally in the Pacific Northwest. The dynamic nature of Mt. Rainier's ecosystem and landscape has impacted the event and route many times but the ride has continued every year.

2023 Perfect weather and a return to a rennovated Enumclaw High School for the Start/Finish line highlighted the 2023 RAMROD Edition.
2022 RAMROD returned in 2022 with riders and volunteers dealing with a heat wave, a longer Skate Creek/Crystal course and COVID's continued reach.
2021 Under continued uncertainty from the pandemic, extensive road construction on both the north and south sections of the route force the early cancellation of RAMROD 2021.
2020 The COVID-19 Pandemic forces the cancellation of RAMROD for the first cancellation in the ride's history.
2019 The 2019 Edition of RAMROD enjoyed pleasant temperatures on all of the major climbs. This was also the fourth and final year to start and finish at Thunder Mountain Middle School during the Enumclaw High School construction years.
2018 The 35th Edition of RAMROD continued the string of fantastic weather out on the course and third start from Thunder Mountain Middle School.
2017 2017 repeated the Start/Finish at Thunder Mountain Middle School and featured a misty morning followed by very comfortable temperatures on all of the big mountain climbs.
2016 The 2016 Edition saw the Start/Finish line move north to Thunder Mountain Middle School pushing the course out to 152.7 miles.
2015 The modern traditional course returned for the 2015 Edition. Riders were treated to crystal-clear views of Mt. Rainier but faced temps in the upper 90s in the late afternoon.
2014 2014 is the second-longest route in history due to Park construction resulting in a course re-route over Skate Creek. An EFI out-and-back on Forest Road 70 is added to take the course to 168 miles and 10,000ft of climbing.
2013 Three in a row! Riders are greated by near-perfect weather again and the new road surface on the Stevens Canyon Backbone Ridge descent is an absolute thrill!
2012 Another near-perfect weather day for RAMROD 2012! Construction on the Stevens Canyon and Backbone Ridge descents required attentive riders. The 2012 jersey commemorated the losses of Park Ranger Margaret Anderson and RAMROD HAM coordinator Gene Underwood. Learn more here.
2011 A near-perfect weather day greeted riders in 2011. The combination of a cool breeze, snow and fresh snow-melt streams kept riders comfortable on the climb to Cayuse Pass.
2010 The 2010 course took riders up to Inspiration Point, Backbone Ridge and Cayuse Pass.
2009 The 2009 course took riders on Skate Creek Road, Cayuse Pass and Crystal. It also took place during one of Western Washington's hottest weeks on records with ride-day temperatures approaching 100 degrees.
2008 RAMROD celebrates its 25th Anniversary with the 2008 Edition. The 2008 course is a repeat of the 2006 course due to continued construction at Paradise.
2007 Mount Rainier National Park suffers tremendous winter storm damage which forces a signficant re-route of the course to include climbs to Sunrise and Crystal Mountain.
2006 "Paradise Lost"... construction on the Paradise Inn and new Visitor's Center the route to bypass Paradise and shaves about 600ft from the climb.
2005 Riders enjoy the complete traditional route on a beautiful summer day.
2004 American cycling legend Greg Lemond stops by RAMROD. RAMROD 2004
2003 RAMROD celebrates it's 20th anniversary
2002 Beautiful weather and no significant rider injuries highlight the 2002 Edition
2001 Ridership reaches 750 riders for the 2001 edition.
2000 The Millenium bug has no impact on the 2000 edition.
1999 At the request of the Mount Rainier National Park Service, timing riders was discontinued beginning with the 1999 event. The jersey celebrates the 100th anniversary of the Park with a badge on its sleeves.
1998 Drizzle, fog and clouds made for one of the least scenic RAMRODs, but temperatures were much more comfortable than the 97 degrees recorded two days prior to the ride. There were 665 starters, of whom 632 were timed, and 594 timed finishers.
1997 A return to the preferred 154 mile course and perfect weather greeted the riders in 1997. There were 621 timed starters and 598 timed finishers.
1996 Road work again forced us away from the preferred course. We shortened the 1995 course by moving the start/finish to Orting but the course runs 166-miles. This was one of the hottest RAMRODs. 487 timed starters and 425 timed finishers
1995 195-miles! Road work in the Park forced us to use an alternate course, which was "too long" for many riders. There were 527 timed starters and 454 timed finishers.
1994 There were 621 timed starters and 568 timed finishers in 1994.
1993 The worst weather ever experienced on the ride, with snow flurries at Paradise and downpours during the final 40 miles for most riders. There were 628 timed starters and 508 timed finishers. "RAMROD" appears on the sides of the jersey for the first time.
1992 The preferred 154-mile course using Mud Mountain Dam road on the return to the Fairgrounds is established. There were 677 timed starters and 608 timed finishers
1991 Mud Mountain Dam Road closes because of construction which alters the course to 152 miles. Coupled with perfect weather, this produced the fastest course ever used on RAMROD, with the only sub-seven hour times ever recorded. There were 601 starters. An event jersey is not available for 1991.  
1990 This was the first RAMROD held on a weekday, following a year of contention and compromise with the Park Service. There were 553 timed starters. An event jersey is not available for 1990.  
1989 The 1989 event has 555 starters and 444 timed finishers.
1988 Tandems were given a separate timing category for the first time. There were 446 starters and 360 timed finishers. Clickhere to see the Top 50 finishers list for 1988.
1987 The first RAMROD presented by Redmond Cycling Club and attendance is 303 starters and 265 timed finishers. The mountain appears on the jersey for the first time.
1986 Year three features 146 starters and 125 finishers. Clickhere to see the Top 50 finishers list for 1986. This the first jersey made of Lycra.
1985 The second year event has 76 starters and 70 finishers but no event jersey is made. The first RAMROD event jersey debuts and is made of wool.  
1984 John Dixon organizes the inaugural year featuring the 156-mile original course using all of Mud Mountain Dam Road. There were 52 starters and 45 finishers.